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What is an operator licence?

An operator licence is what is needed to operate goods vehicles in the UK and the licence is issued by the Office Of The Traffic Commissioner, once issued the holder of the licence agrees to be bound by certain criteria for the duration of the licence.

Who needs an operator licence?

You need an operator licence to operate vehicles over 3.5t max authorised mass (MAM) that are used to carry goods on public roads for business purposes. 

What are the types of licenses?

There are different types of licence dependant on the type of work you will be covering with the vehicle they are:

  • Restricted (This allows you to carry your own goods not for hire or reward)

  • Standard National (This allows you to carry goods for other people for hire and reward UK only)

  • Standard International (As above but also on journeys outside the UK)

The Restricted licence has no requirement for a transport manager to be named on the licence, although you are still required to follow the same rules regarding vehicle inspections etc. I work with operators usually that have been to or are going to public inquiry as they simply did not know the requirements, we work with restricted licence holders all over the country to ensure your business is compliant and not in danger of having your licence revoked, We can manage your licence full time or on a part time basis i.e. we can come into your business and put into place all the processes and procedures required to be compliant. Its very very easy to find yourself in trouble if you are not aware fully of the legislation that needs to be followed that is why i would always advise using our management service to protect your business.

If you would like to speak to us for a no obligation quote, please get touch via the Let's chat button and we will be on hand to assist you as soon as we are free.

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